Hawk Harrelson Claims He and Yaz Came Up With the Theory of Relativity

Comcast’s television broadcast of Wednesday’s White Sox game will be forever remembered by all 323 viewers. Not only was it the first time in Major League Baseball history that a rookie (Jose Abreu) was intentionally walked twice, but long time announcer, Hawk Harrelson finally admitted that he and Boston Red Sox Hall of Famer, Carl Yastrzemski (Yaz) came up with the theory of relativity.

Stoney, I remember like it was yesterday. It was May or June of ’68 and we were in New York to play a four game set with the Yankees. Me and Yaz were at the hotel bar when Yaz says, “Hawk you ever wonder if the increased relativistic mass of a body comes from the energy of motion of the body?” Then I say, “Yaz, that’s kinetic energy and if divided by the speed of light squared you’ll see that mass and energy are the same physical entity and can be changed into each other.” Then Yaz says, “Hawk I think you got something there.” Then I say, “Yaz, it’s all relative”. Stoney you should have seen the faces of Elston Howard and Ray Culp when they heard that.”


When broadcast partner Steve Stone mentioned that Albert Einstein published the same theory 5 decades earlier, Harrelson immediately started a story on how he and Ted Wiliams invented the popular board game, Battleship.