Illinois Governor Quinn Can’t Stop Speaking In Cockney Accent, Freaking Staff Out

Makes staff call French Fries "Chips"

Makes staff call French Fries “Chips”


Not Governor Quinn

In a revelation that has many scratching their heads, Illinois Governor Quinn admits that since last Thursday, he’s been speaking in a Cockney accent. In a hastily called press conference, Quinn read a one line statement, “Ello, me thinks I’m a higgidy-pie wit my pose on me arse. Pissed as a degone me am.”  Quinn then left the podium with what appeared as a newspaper filled with fried cod.

A staffer who requested anonymity said, “At first we thought he was just goofing around, but when he demanded we call French Fries “Chips” we knew it was serious. What’s really getting confusing is that he’s calling all of us Governor”. If he makes us stop brushing our teeth I’m gone”.