High School Sophomore Orders, “Foot Long Plump Chubby Wiener With Special Sauce” and doesn’t giggle.


Vanessa Vega only had two words to describe the extraordinary encounter she had Friday afternoon, “bizarre” and “unbelievable”.
Shortly after 2PM, high school sophomore, Marvin Glimscher walked into the popular North Side hot dog establishment, Chubby Wiener, ambled to the counter and distinctly and without a hint of sarcasm said very politely, “Hello. Please may I have a foot long plump chubby wiener deluxe with extra sauce on it. Thanks”.

It was absolutely surreal. There was no giggle, no guffaw, there wasn’t even an eye brow raise or hint of a snicker. The kid just ordered and respectfully waited. It was so weird.

This kid was creeping me out. I asked if he wanted the sauce just on the tip. He just said, “No, Thank you”. I mentioned how I loved to swallow big plump foot long wieners and he just shook his head in agreement. No blushing, laughing or stupid jokes. I’m still shaking.

When he left, I asked him to come often and he just waved. I may never recover from this