ChiFlag2Our mission statement has always been simple: To provide the highest quality 100% Authentic Chicago pothole products at the lowest prices.

These fourteen simple words have guided us from day one.

These fourteen words have demanded that we only use the ripest and freshest crumbling asphalt from around Chicagoland.

These fourteen words have been our template throughout our tireless dedication.

These fourteen words have made us the largest purveyor of 100% authentic Chicago pothole products in the world.

Repeat…The World.

We humbly welcome you to The Pothole Store, where only the best pothole products are sold. All our products come with a Certificate Of Authenticity (COA) assuring that you’re only getting the very best.

When you open one of our products for the first time and take in it’s rich fresh aroma, you’ll say to yourself…”That’s Good Pothole”.

Thanks again for visiting.