Potholepourri Small


Small bags of Potholepourri are perfect for the car, dorm room or trailer. Just like the large bag, but smaller. Choose from three great blends: Winter Wreck, Autumn Asphalt and Hope Springs Eternal. All bags come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Product Description

Bring the seasonal sights and smells of the street right into your home. Hand picked and packed, each Potholepourri bag is filled with rich aromatic debris from Chicago.  Choose from 3 great blends, Winter Wreck, Autumn Asphalt and Hope Springs Eternal. Currently, we don’t manufacture a summer blend. It’s way too hot.

“A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together” Turn, Turn, Turn  -The Byrds

Our Blends:

Hope Spings Eternal: Honor the spawning of the next pothole generation with this blend of sticks, rocks, tar and asphalt. This ambrosial delight will conjure up thoughts of missed cut-off men and striking out with the basis loaded.

Winter Wreck: A cheerful mix of aged cement, broken gravel and other miscellaneous debris. A subtle reminder to visitors that they better respect the time honored tradition of parking space dibs.

Autumn Asphalt: A delightful blend of fallen autumn leaves and crumbled asphalt. Aromatic hints of cigarette butts and broken tar will gently welcome visitors to your home, unless they are Packer Fans.


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Winter Wreck, Autumn Asphalt, Hope Springs Eternal