99.6% Major League Baseball Players Oppose New Rule, Will Make It Much Harder To Maim A.J. Pierzynski

aj-pierzynzkiA recent survey conducted by the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) provides conclusive evidence that the newly adopted “home plate collision” rule is widely unpopular with players. The measure adopted last week states that: a runner attempting to score won’t be allowed to leave the direct path to home plate to initiate contact with the catcher, or any other player covering the plate.

MLB players immediately conveyed their outrage after the announcement. Here are just a few of the statements made:

The only reason I didn’t retire last year was to have one more chance to break a couple of A.J.’s vertibrae. This totally sucks.- Derek Jeter, New York Yankees

I can still bean Pierzynski in the face, right? They didn’t make a rule against that, did they? -Mark Buehrle, Toronto Blue Jays, Former Teammate and best friend

Stubhub has reported that tickets for Red Sox road games have plummeted since the rule change.