Pasty Overweight Cub Fans Creeping Top Prospect Out

CJ Edwards with JOBC's Dave Stern and Dane PlackoSources report that Chicago Cubs pitching prospect, CJ Edwards is having a tough time adjusting to the rigors of life in professional baseball. An incident last Friday at the Cubs spring training facility may put the prospect’s future in jeopardy. While walking from Field 1 to Field 2, Edwards was stricken with fear when accosted by two widely out of shape pasty middle aged men. Edwards talked to reporters yesterday about the event:

These two doughy pale guys just came out of nowhere and started talking real fast about my high school career. They were mentioning games that I didn’t even remember. They made me sign an autograph with this ridiculously oversized Minnie Mouse pen. Then the sweaty gray haired one put his arm around me and forced me to take a picture with them. Between the two of ’em I was probably outweighed by 300 pounds. I was scared to death, it was horrible.

After Edwards reported what happened, fifteen other Cubs prospects mentioned similar episodes with these two over-the-hill goofs.