Michael Jordan Loses $3.2 Million Playing Dreidel In Vegas


Anonymous sources in Las Vegas are reporting that Chicago Bulls great, Michael Jordan lost over $3 million playing dreidel at the Bellagio Hotel this past weekend. It appears that day three and four of Hannukah were especially costly to Jordan.  While casino representatives have been tight lipped, Jordan’s former agent, David Falk chuckled at the news and said, “Doesn’t surprise me. Michael always loved to play with my kids around the holidays, but he wasn’t very good. They were clobbering him when they were in elementary school”.

Long time friend, Charles Barkley also weighed in, “Dreidel has the worst odds of any game in Vegas. You can’t beat it. Sure you can get four or five Gimmels in a row, but Shins and Nuns come up a lot more. Michael never understood that”.

He does now.